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"Medium Sized Ego '' Is an engaging and enlightening show where viewers delve into the world of mediumship with a twist. ~ Join me, Jared the medium , as I guide audiences through the fascinating realm of connecting with spirit while navigating the complexities of the human ego. Each episode offers a unique blend of spiritual insight and personal growth. As a Medium, I provide heartfelt readings to participants, offering them messages from departed loved ones and spiritual guidance from beyond. But the journey doesn't stop there. As I dive deeper into the nuances of mediumship, I also confront my own ego, grappling with doubts, fears, and insecurities along the way. ~ Through candid reflections and introspective moments, viewers witness the ongoing battle between my mediumship and the human tendency towards self-doubt and skepticism. "Medium Sized Ego '' is more than a show about mediumship; it's proof that anyone can communicate with spirit and not some magic gift for the select few. It is attainable to all if you keep your ego right sized and practice.

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