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Psychic development 

I can Talk talk to dead peaple and so can you!!!!!!

Personal one on one training!

You can expect an amazing and informative experience as we will dive into the how and why of spirit communications. we will work on finding your best connection with your spirit guides and practice working with them. I will give you all my best tricks of the trade to help you conquer your own blocks and fears. 

Service Description

looking to find what your abilities are? Want to get direction from spirit on how you can use them in your life? Do you feel like you have abilities but don't know how to use them? Each session will be catered especially to bring out your gifts and practice them in a safe setting. Once evaluated you my get special access at circles and other events to participate and be tutored. I believe we all have gifts, and we can hone them in these types of settings.

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What Are people saying?

This man is the REAL deal!! …. I had a amazing time with jared during my development session he took the time to help me to begin to get past my own blocks that i have during meditation and open up to spirit i was even able to try(and succeed) getting messages from spirit looking forward to learning more and getting a better connection to spirit


Yesterday was an amazing day. I attended the Development Session with Jared the Medium.

The experience and information was so enlightening; it has changed my entire thought process regarding how mediumship works.

Starting with a incredible guided meditation by Jared, which included a journey visualizing myself out of my body. As I was accenting upward I looked back at myself; I didn’t expect to see what I saw! That experience was a real eye opener.

In addition to meeting guides and seeing many images, with Jared’s skill and guidance I was able to directly connect with the spirit who will be protecting me during readings.

Also… with the guidance of Jared I was taught how to connect with the right spirit, I was even able to give Jared a reading.

This experience was both empowering and humbling.

Thank you Jared!


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