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My husband and I seen Jared at the physic and healing arts fair we did a double reading because I knew I would never be able to get my husband to do it alone an he needed it. The things Jared knew an told us no one would of ever been able to guess. He had so many spot on details. I will definitely be getting a private reading. Him and his wife were both amazing!


Jared is fantastic! He’s “Dead On” with all the details. I was so impressed with him that five members of our family has already been read! I definitely recommend him!


The guided meditation with Jared was awesome. My husband and I attended a session, and Jared guided us to extreme relaxation and a great experience. We would highly recommend you try this. He taught us how to use the meditation skills to help keep us grounded in everyday life. Five Stars!!!!!!

RED Shoe Ladie!








Jared is an amazing medium/empathy. Friday night circles are relaxed and a good place to practice your skills.

Terry Peterson

    It’s an amazing place to relax meditate learn about your self and get messages from sprit! It’s changed my life

 Cherie Andrade 

I am so grateful for Jared and the work he does! I first went to his Friday night circle a few years ago, and it has been a life changing experience for me! I have brought many friends to Jared’s Friday Night Circle, and they have also had amazing experiences! Highly recommend! :)

1Jamie Marcum

Meeting you at the Turlock fair grounds Holistic expo yesterday, Was a Beautiful experience! ( Canadian Dry~ grandfather )) wishing we lived closer to Sac area , to attend Friday Night Circles .... You Have given me , So Much to think about, and I’ve already been applying , what you taught me .. Hopefully you’ll be at the Jan 2020 expo . sending Blessings to you & yours ~Judy~

AMAZING ! That’s the word,used to describe Jared ...and His Beautiful Spirit . Seeing him again at The Turlock Holistic Expo , was Exciting Informative and Spirital... There’s always a big interest in seeing The Physic Mediums / Empaths ~With Jared ~ Sign up early because He’s That Popular ! He’s so personable, and non judgmental , which “ I feel “ helps open up spiritually, to Hear ....What he’s saying And Get It !!! He not only gave messages from loved ones ;BUT described Their features ( So - no mistaking Who it was ) He confirmed my abilities, I was unsure of.... Even transferring Our Energy to each other ! AMAZING!!! If a person has a chance to see him DO IT, you won’t regret it 💙


   I had a reading today and let me tell you, it was life changing! I left with such peace and love in my heart, where there used to be such guilt and self loathing. Thank you so much Friday night circle, I can finally breathe

  Jared, you are an amazing person. Thank you for the most beautiful gift of the love of my son. I feel so much more at peace. Thank you to your wife as well. God bless you both

 Lisa Greenhill 

 Larry and I had a reading from Jared today and he was absolutely incredible. There is no doubt in either of our minds that Jared receives messages through spirits. He knew things that he simply couldn’t have know otherwise.
Our reading with Jared not only convinced us of his abilities but also brought much needed understanding, peace and affirmation of what’s to come with proper intention .
Thank you for a wonderful experience


Thank you Jared for all you do to keep people connected with their loved ones. That you for sharing your gift with so many who need to know their loved ones are still with them.


  Gifted medium. Challenges me to be my best. Glad spirit directed me into Jared’s path.


Thank you Jared for all you do to keep people connected with their loved ones. That you for sharing your gift with so many who need to know their loved ones are still with them. Kim

I had always been a skeptic...Jared has an amazing gift that has truly changed the way I look at the material and Spiritual world. Undeniably the Real Deal.


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